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September 30, 2008



That sounds like...a lot of work!

But finding the knife that feels best to you is a beautiful thing.

I had no idea that the Japanese were kicking the Germans' tails so badly. That dragon is pretty wicked!

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

My Wusthof knives don't get much action anymore either since I got some beautiful Shun replacements for my birthday. I love them (except for that first time I cut the crap out of my finger, because I didn't realize how incredibly sharp they are)!

I hope you enjoy your new purchase. Use it in good heath!


These knives sound wonderful. There is nothing better than good equipment in the kitchen! I'll have to check out their website.


Slightly strange question: Are they right-handed? I know some Japanese knives are not useable in the left hand.


Question - do chefs carve their names or other ID on their knives to keep from getting them mixed up in the kitchen, or do they just never let go of their knife during their shift?


Actually, I'm substituting my all-purpose knives with global-knives-- You rekon I should change brands??

King Negrito

You sound like a samourai talking about his katana...

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

True love -- it's wonderful! I hope you and your new knife make beautiful food together.


The secret to keeping your knives razor-sharp, I found, isn't to run them over a wet stone.

It's to never, ever let anyone else use them.

scott (one food guy)

Wow, your Misono knife is beautiful! I hope it treats you well in return for the treatment it will receive from you!

Glad to hear your Wustofs are still seeing some action :)


You've found Korin, now there are two more you must seek...1st) Kitchen Arts and Letters on the Upper East Side (im sure you will be able to get yourself here alone) and JB Prince, which I recommend finding with a friend, you have to go up an elevator of an industrial building to get there (but its soooo worth it)...Nice knife, now just keep it at samuri sharpness and you'll be half way there...


I agree with most of what your friend said. I have to differ with him on the Timex-Rolex issue, though. It has been my experience that Timex is every bit as good as a Rolex and the only real difference is just snob appeal.


I have this feeling you didn't go to New York just to buy knives!

king negrito

Well there are so many things to do in NY ...

Anthony Silverbrow

A decent knife - and that does mean spending money - is worth it even for the home cook.

I bought an Artisan knife and haven't looked back. Absolutely made all the difference.

Bob delGrosso

Manhattan is rough. You did the right thing when you bought such expensive knives, the excellence embodied in them will help you for a long time. In your position I would do -and have done- much the same. But don't think that you need such stuff to cook like a god. Because you don't. None do.



been following your blog for a bit. never got a chance to comment...but after seeing you purchased the amazing Misono Swedish steel blade I had to comment. I bought the same one...over a year ago...and then I wound up getting the honesuki and the sujihiki in the same series...they are mid range priced, but by far the best value in the misono series...my own opinion...I know others will hate me for saying that...its heavier than other japanese knives I used...but if youre used to wielding wusthof these carbon steel blades should be super light...just take a lot of care sharpening it...and never sharpen it everyday...not a carbon steel blade...2 or 3 days at the most...and a tip on that knife - use at least two stones when youre sharpening that knife...I use an 800 grit stone, then a 4000 or 5000 grit stone and finally a 10000 grit stone. the edge is perfect all the time and it last for days doing normal work.

Someone said it above - DONT LET ANYONE ELSE USE IT! seriously, NYC cooks have a huuuuge problem with grabbing other cooks' knives when theyre not near theyre own. Dont leave it for a long period of time - it will be touched! and be careful around the mexicans in the nyc kitchens...they take everything!

Good luck with the knife...its definitely a great purchase. And more importantly - Good luck in NYC!


Best of luck in NYC and I want to see you on the tube. Your videos are great. I followed your link to Korin's and in the end had to physically get up and walk away from the compute to avoid buying knives. It's just a matter of time, though.


The dragon is cool - love it. Hope it makes a difference at work! Having the right tools makes a difference to any job. Handle with care... H


I just read about this knife shop in The Amateur Gourmet! How is life in NY after Paris? Glad you are still writing, I love your cooking adventures..

Chef Knives

Great blog! I have a Global that I adore. But that Misono might just be calling my name.... Beautiful knife!

Global Knives

I'm just a wannabe chef on weekends but I love my Global knives and really can't imagine a better knife, but that dragon does look wicked cool! Thanks for sharing!

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