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November 15, 2008



lol, late night munchie category. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the criteria was Taco Bell, I'm sorry. I live in a smaller town and we don't have those options. Us chef's here are forced to whip something up on those nights. Love you, Love the Blog!



Yum! I love dumplings at any time day or night. What an excellent discovery. Look forward to more posts about NY city's good eateris... Thank you! Het

Joseph Bayot

I love entries like this! That is, an insight into the things that make cooks cooks and/or things cooks love.

Keep 'em coming.

P.S. Feel free to tell us where you're working anytime =P


Classic!!! It was always the Kiev for me on 2nd Ave. Blue Ribbon when it first opened.


I visited this place when I was in Chinatown! A vegetarian friend and I went in and ordered the vegetarian dumplings. The cashier says, "Vegetarian, okay, okay," and hands us a big pile of dumplings on a paper plate. We thank her and walk outside.
I take a bite; it's definitely pork. We take the dumplings back inside and tell the cashier that they're pork. She looked at us blankly and said, "Yes, pork."
"We asked for vegetarian."
"No vegetarian today!"
Okay then!

Bob delGrosso

Okay, so you have begun the next phase of your journey to Homeric fame: the journey through the underworld. Theseus did it and Orpheus did it too. So too did everyone whose life story became legend.

This is good, very good.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Top Cooking Schools

Good post.
Its almost like a review.


Mrs. G. F.

Oh..dumplings. They are in the top 3 things I miss since going having to eat gluten free...these look amazing...and delicious,& fun NY experience!



Would you mind sharing with us a recipe for making simple dumplings?

chinese dumplings

haha nice,i hope it taste the way it looks.I usually make dumplings my self for i am good at it.

one question, how can I add your blog into my rrs reader.

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