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December 10, 2008



Brings back memories. I worked for awhile as an assistant to a brilliant young woman who had trained in Switzerland, in the executive dining rooms of Barclay's Bank in London. I think you have to be crazy and young to want to be a chef- but if you have it, the rush is incredible when it goes right. Good luck. I adore reading these accounts of your progress.


did they hire you to start on fish pass? or did you start on garde-manger?

La Loutre

Ho my god, you are on the way for be a famous chef, felecitation.


Glad to see yah outa tha weeds....very very interesting insight into a comercial res.. too!.
Keep your eyes on the prize... and that is your own place girl!.

Mike Tyler

i grew up in the salon and i love it for 3 reasons 1) it gives the sous chefs a much better look at your work ethic (whether it be positive or negative) and you can get to know how they like things on the pass, and 2)if its not a huuuuuuge party then you can certainly do better food than downstairs if you focus and produce fantastic mis en place and lastly as you said it gives you a jump start on knowing the downstairs dishes on hot apps and the entree line even if you just started.

Ms. Glaze

Martha! Thanks for your note! Due to the fact that I've been working 6 days a week I haven't had a lot of time to actually cook at home and post recipes. I was wondering if people would be disappointed or not – so thanks for this!

Smarty Pants – I was hired to start on Garde Manger (like everyone who gets hired at the restaurant) and worked there for two months but now I'm moving all over the place! I learned a lot on Fish Pass and I would love the opportunity to work the station longer so that I really get the experience of breaking down fish and accounting for the rotation of fish at the restaurant. But, all the same, my hands are happy for the break....

La Loutre – You're the famous chef. Not me!

Luis – Ah, the weeds continue to grow...thanks for all your encouragement et Gros Bisous!!!

Chef M.T. – You're absolutely right. Some day I hope to rock sauté like you – you are an amazing chef!!!


So I have to guess: Le Bernardin?

Kobe-Tuna surf & turf
Mashed potatoes with the lamb
about 40 kinds of sauces...


So I have to guess: Le Bernardin?

Kobe-Tuna surf & turf
Mashed potatoes with the lamb
about 40 kinds of sauces...


Glad that things are looking up again!


Yup. It has to be Le Bernardin. I'm reading Ripert's book and everything fits.


Mom always had me make the mashed potatoes while she finished preparing dad’s favorite sandwich: Open Faced Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoes. I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure the only reason I liked making mashed potatoes was because I got to play with a power tool: the kitchen aid hand mixer.

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