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January 28, 2009



Wow that looks delicious! I'm from So Cal so cold weather for me is like..30 degrees? Haha, well those biscuits sound just perfect for the weather right now.


Your post is yet another reminder of why I DON'T live in New England any more. But the recipe sounds delish...or is that too RR to say? Stay warm. I'll send you a pic of my blooming snowdrops, if that'll help (hehehe).

Nicholas Paldino

If one wanted to get larger cuts of short rib on the bone (like the one in the picture) what should we tell our butcher?


I think winter is worth the cold just to have the excuse to do braises - albeit not worth your kind of cold.


Looks fabulous, thanks! Question: In step 3, when popping in to braise for the 1st hour, should it be covered or uncovered?


Ah! My dear Ms. Glaze. You keep on being my inspiration. I just drop by, as always, to read news from your life (I know it sound weird, I have one of my own! ;-) ) and "steal" one more of your yummi recipes. My friends and family keep asking again and again for your now-famous-among-my-inner-circle "Suprême de Volaille Farcies aux Champignons Sauvages". Now this time, i will surprise them with this new recipe, let them know its your new contribution to our small reunions, hopefully they also get inspired to start cooking and checing your blog as I do to find wonderful stories, incredible food and a fantastic woman. My best wishes to you, as always.

Kathy's Weight Loss Diary

Wow! This is such a delectable meal to look at... Just a question, this food looks so good that I wanted to try making it on my own, but because of the beef, my cholesterol may shoot up. Do you have any substitute for beef, but still retain the same goodness of the food? Thanks!


Wow, this looks amazing. I love any slow cooked red meat like this, and I have a major weakness for homemade biscuits. The cherries and balsamic is a great idea, I will have to try this out.
Thanks for sharing!


Ms Glaze,
I am making Choucroute garni and brandade this weekend. Any tips?
Make more videos!

Scott at Realepicurean

This is going straight onto the "to try" list. I've never heard of a dish quite like this one before!


out of curiosity, how are the family meals at work?




Looks like a 5 star restaurant great job.


Looks like a 5 star restaurant. Great Job

Mrs. L

This looks amazing and perfect for the cold weather we have today...er, here in the Bay Area of California that means its in the 60's and I'm freezing!


That looks absolutely yummy!!!


Ms Glaze,
is it Je suis desole?

Ms. Glaze

Simply – I would do anything for 30 degree weather...

SAS – Can't wait for the pic ;-)

Nicholas – Beef Short ribs come in 3 different cuts at the butcher counter. They will either be "flanken" cut which dissects the short rib across the bone in 2-3" pieces or they will be the standard 6-7" short rib either on the bone or cut off of it. You might want the short rib already cut off the bone, but I am a firm believer that cooking this dish with the bones makes it taste better! Hope this helps?

Kevin – Recession cooking, what can I say?!?! ;-)

Jessica – Normally braised dishes are covered, but I really wanted the broth to slowly cook down so I left it uncovered until it was reduced by half during the first hour. I omitted adding flour (like in a beef stew or beouf bourgouingon) to thicken the sauce. It's also great because as it cooks down you can taste it and add more red wine or beef stock depending on your taste

Uber – Thanks for your note! I'm so glad that recipe works for you. It's one of my favs and it's always pretty to serve. Have you tried it with Morels when they're in season?!?!

Kathy – Great question and I'm afraid I don't know the answer. I'll have to do some experimenting on your behalf. Braising is commonly used for fatty tough pieces of meat. And the richness of this sauce depends on it. However, there are plenty of other animals out there that are less fatty in general and they all have tough and tender parts. I'll get back to you on this...

Sara – Thanks for your message! Braised beef and biscuits are hard to resist!

John – I"m sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! I've never made chacroute garni, but brandade I have. There are many different versions of it. Email me and I'll give you my version plus any tips.

Scott – Thanks and I hope you give it a shot! Let me know how it turns out for yoU!

Lynette – Merci Bien ;-)

Mrs L – Oh to be back in San Francisco with my wind breaker and not this jacket that resembles a down sleeping bag

Pam – Thanks!!!

John – Sorry for...?!? I hope nothing is wrong?!?!


aw man you didnt answer me! ;[


Ms Glaze,
You may not have seen my post under your last Dec 30 article. My comment was not for me, but you. I. despite my feelings about a program that has demonstrated a lack of insight and class. watched it last night and then today saw an account of it on the site of, well. a prominent chef. It was a good progran. Ahhhhh! But it lacked the savoir faire a certain Parisian trained chef would have bought, not to mention one who could have fileted rather than shredded a fish.


So can I send you a photo directly, or do I have to put it on Flickr and send you a link? Don't see an actual email anywhere on your site...

Paula Maack

This is stunning!!!

I love the idea of cherry balsamic cutting the richness of the short rib. It sounds exquisite!!

I'm looking forward to giving this a try soon. Thank you!!!


~ Paula


O.K. I know this is over a month late (Hey, I'm recovering from ankle surgery...and still managing to somehow work a few times a week...on crutches...in a kitchen...making cakes and pastry...AAAAAHHH!).

This is a great tip for those who want to do this type of braise but not have it turn out so fatty on the plate:

Make the braise the day before and refrigerate the meat separately from the sauce. During braising, about 90% of the fat in the meat will render out into the sauce. Chill down the sauce thoroughly, and the fat will solidify and float to the top. Allowing you to skim it off and discard it. Now you have a relatively low fat dish that won't send you into a cardiac fit.

Also, the texture of the braised meat will improve tenfold after a thorough chill down and gentle reheat in the sauce.


hello,your recipes are so cool,I hope it taste the way it looks I am a chinese food amateur and like cooking the dish myself,I'll try it,I hope I could cook this dish as yours,thanks for sharing again.

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Paula Maack

I just wanted you to know that I was inspired by this post (even though I haven't made your recipe, yet), and credited you as my inspiration in a recent blog post of mine (Braised Deckle of Brisket - 2 Ways) that was featured on Serious Eats and has been picked up by a few other blogs. I like to give credit where it's due, including sources of inspiration. :)

Thank you for the beautiful post and delicious sounding recipe.


~ Paula

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