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February 21, 2009


Chef KPH

Looks good, great even. (I'll make you jealous by saying my Meyer lemon tree is bursting with beautiful, ripe, sweet, juicy lemons) I live in CA.

Chin up. Keep on going. You have a bright future ahead. Cook hard.

Ms. Glaze

So jealous, I used to have a house in the sunny mission district of SF that had a gigantic meyer lemon tree. That tree was like a big ball of sunshine in the backyard year round. It never stopped producing. Ah, California. Still cold and wet here in NYC! And yes, cooking hard... which is much MUCH better than hardly cooking...


I'm having dinner at Le Berbardin on March 25. Do you think these will still be one of the treats then?
I too have a lovely Meyer Lemon here in rainy Petaluma, CA.
Is the secret of where you are in the wonderful world or restaurants out yet?

Ms. Glaze

Lianne – Michael Laskonis's beignets are much more refined than my home version and I am sure they will be on the menu when you come for dinner! (I hope they will be because I like to snack on them) The desserts at LB are incredible – visually stunning and delicious. See you in March!

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

Those look fantastic! I could never stop at just one either. How did you know that I just picked up a dozen Meyer lemons today at the market? ;)


I don't need a deep-fryer. I don't have room for a deep-fryer. I can't afford the new wardrobe that would be the follow-on from buying a deep-fryer.

And yet... *sigh*


Looks great. I was just looking to get a small fryer and will take your recommendation. Do you reuse oil? If so, what are the rules for doing so, i.e. filtering, cross-food cooking, how long to store, how to store. Thanks and love your blog.


Oh my, looks delicious! Meyer lemons are just one of the things I miss about Ca :)

Sara Goldrath

You would get those lemons from my front yard!! Hope you are doing well...I'm thinking about you. I want to come up to NY in April!!!
love love love

Ms. Glaze

Sara – Miss you too! Can't wait to see you in April! Let's see some shows. And yes, I adore you're 7 fruit trees.

Ellen – I know. Meyer lemons and dungeones crab.

BB – Great question. I try to switch out the oil every time. The deep fryer is really REALLY small and only uses about a litre and half of oil so it's not hard to get rid of it. Also, I find if you use the oil a few times the flavor of the previous food still lingers. Which might be fine if you're making nothing but beignets, but if you're deep frying oysters too, then...

This deep fryer is not the type to do large quantities of meat because the temperature will drop too low if you're trying to put in more than a few big pieces of protein. It's great for garnishes: fries, chips, tempura, beignets, etc.

It's also only $47 which makes it a bargain in my mind. I do a lot of fancy garnishes with it that make presentation fun and festive.

Adele – I know, I know, but once you've rid your cabinets of all the useless appliances then you'll have space! Toss the never-used heart shaped waffle iron and the egg poacher and the onion box chopper/mincer, and the ... ;-) Seriously, I own this and a Cuisinart c'est tout. Although I would like some one to give me a KitchenAid, then I might throw out everything else! (in brushed copper please!)

Susan – Can you fed ex some to NYC?


I came across this blog while searching for something completely different, but I have to say, I'm impressed. I'll definetely subscribe to the RSS feed. Looks yummi!


Thanks for the input, I was leaning the same way but always nice to hear it form someone who knows! And if you're looking for a new blog idea, I would love to see some of those garnishes.


Yes, beignetes...are yummy and bad for tha tummy. You don't wanna do a Paula Dean Sobe thang.... I know I don't.


I need a deep fryer... those look great!


So, hm, you beg for one every time you past by the pastry kitchen at LB. So that's where you're working? Marveilleux!!


I will take a dozen.


Just curious, but does the restaurant where you work throw out the oil after every deep fry use? It's one reason why I don't deep fry very often.

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tori brown

Ya know what that looks easy and yummy!!!!

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