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February 16, 2009



De mon livre préféré:
"Quelques jours sont comme celui, même en Australie."

(Alexandre et le terrible, horrible, bon à rien, jour très mauvais) C'est un livre pour chacun - si tu n'a pas, achetes-le immédiatement.

Mes pensées sont avec tu...J'ai été là.


I'm sorry, hon. *hug*


I've only been reading your blog for a short while but It's one of my favorites. You are obviously a courageous, talented, intelligent person and will mix well with another talented, intelligent yolk. That someone you will find one day. Just relax, enjoy what you're able to, and keep your chin up :)




Hang in there, Amy. You'll be back in the game soon, love's tough for everyone :) Try to enjoy the ravioli in the meantime, Ellen


Sorry, sweetie, forgot to add this into the last post----SUPER HUGS!!!!


Our thoughts are with you, Amy, and next time you're in San Francisco, I'd happily offer you dinner.


How do you get the 2 halves of the ravioli to stick? Is it just water?


I've been reading your blog for I think almost 2 years now, and I consider you and your travails to be an inspiration to me as I meander through my own kitchen experiences. Your writing constantly shows me the human side of your chosen career, and at the same time convinces me about just how equipped you are to survive these trials.

Keep up the good work, and the great writing!


You were served divorce papers on... oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. I'm sorry.


as an ex-cook, i know how it is being stuck on freakin garde-manger for months on end. i'm very happy that you got to move up the line and that you're finally cooking. i love reading your blog, it brings back memories.

you can always be my valentine :)


I'm sorry about your v-day. At least you have the wherewithal to keep cracking those eggs. I don't care if I never crack another egg the rest of my life. Every egg I've cracked in 30 years (and it's a HUGE number) have been rotten. I'm done. Some eggs would say that my flour has weevils. But it's not weevils, they just don't bother looking closely enough to know it's actually just a touch of black pepper.


Don't worry, future-ex, we know you didn't do it on purpose. (The timing, that is.)

At least you're still amicable with each other, there's nothing sadder (or, frankly, more annoying) than exes that loathe each other for no good reason.

I wonder if the title of this website is going to change now...

Dave W

As someone who has been divorced and understands like so many others who have gone through this before. I truly wish you the best and while right now may seem like the lowest point in your life it will get better and you will find someone that makes you so happy it will wash all of the divorce pain away. For me it was my wife Ann that you met at Guy Savoy last year!!


That was a beautiful post. You express very well the intense ache and the thrilling joy of life, which I guess we are lucky to experience. Thank you.


I loooove your blog. I wish you the best of luck in all you do!


Oh Amy
I am so proud of you for making it through Valentine's Day. Sublimation is a wonderful exercise and yours of the work and the ravioli is doubly well done.


You are such a stunning woman inside and out, and this post shows so much strength. Thank you for continuing to inspire me in all of your adventures.


oh, amy, i'm so sorry to hear this.

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