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March 15, 2009



I just love your posts.


I think I am in love with this man. He reminds me of some of the Russian ballet teachers I had. They were so unforgiving of indulgent and spoiled behaviour, but impassioned about perfection. These are the type of people we should rub against in life.


Another great insiders post. Love it. I also really appreciated your Valentine's post it explained a lot and was also so close to to the bone that I couldn't comment then. Thanks for sharing as you do.


What a wonderful story and a wonderful man. Only the luckiest students have such wonderful teachers. Mine was a Japanese chef in London who had maybe 10 words of English. When He was particularly pleased with me, he sharpened my knives on HIS stone. On a good day I could perform major surgery with my vegetable knife.


I loved your post because I felt just like the same. I went to Le Cordon Bleu in London and after that I use to have a chef that had the same frase: make it nice or make it twice...so I kept it to my work life!


Great post. This chef sounds like a real character. :)


Great post! You know, make it nice or make it twice sort of goes for everything, doesn't it? Hope you'll be getting the warmer weather up your way soon :)


fluke on the plate
fluke on the plate
fluke on the plate

we were talking about this post the other night :D
misssssss you

Ms. Glaze

Ah yes, I can't believe I didn't mention "Fluke on a the plate..." or "Amy you have time cut geoduck?"

We miss you Bébé Lok and hope that you and Justin are studying hard at CIA. Look forward to your return to LB!!!

Gros Bisous,

Dean in Ohio

I am in college going through Culinary Arts program and this post was a great reminder to just slow down and It will turn out great. Thanks!


Yes, make it nice or make it twice does go for almost anything. I know it goes for my profession too but I cannot bear to tell you what I do. You would LOL at the LOL.
See you on the 24th.

L. Tune

Ms. Glaze...what a pleasure to read!! I'm sending news of your new post to Ms. A. Tune and Ms. K Meyer "(oops, I mean "Haas")...love, the other Ms. Tune.

John Sconzo

Great post and great blog! I love your writing style. Thanks!

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