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April 01, 2009



RED SNAAAAAPPAH VERY TASTY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KezvwARhBIc

Ms. Glaze

OMG!!!! That is hilarious. That can't be the reason for snaaaaa-pah though. I would highly doubt that the exec. chef has seen this video, but I will definitely ask tomorrow!!!!

So, so funny – thanks for the link ;-) You made my morning.


I haven't had snaaaaa-puh in ages. I usually poach it in court bouillion, but if I can find it today I'll try your recipe.


I'm more partial to Eric Ripert's inflection of sna-PAIR =P Everything's better with a ridiculous French accent.

Are the baby eggplants less bitter than the grown-up ones? I always -want- to like eggplant, but then it tastes like poison if I don't get all of those tiny seeds.

This looks tasty, thanka!


This looks delicious. I've been craving fish lately, so this might be dinner tonight. :)

Ellen Dye

Wow, now I know what's going on my shopping list :) Thanks!


My wife sides with you on the ratatouille debate. I'm the heretic who likes all the flavors stewed together.

Expat Stu

drago: I can't imagine picking the seeds out of aubergines (eggplant, to you). Try this -- slice fairly thin (1 cm or less) and rub salt on both sides. Let stand in the sink for as much as an hour. You'll see all the bitterness run away down your plug'ole. RINSE WELL before using.

Snappaire is the excpetion to the general rule "J'aime le poisson".

Ms. Glaze

Drago – Ha! Very funny! When Chef Ripert is at the passe his French accent turns words like mahi mahi into maimai and lobster into lobstah. It's always exciting when he's running the show. It energizes the whole kitchen.

Our executive chef, Chris Muller, gives more of an American flavor to the calling out of the orders which is equally fun. This being my first NYC experience, I love all the slang (downtown, uptown, all day, etc.).

I think many people who have never worked in a kitchen underestimate the importance of call and response in terms of communication, team spirit, and tone.

Me and eggplant have been on and off for years. I much prefer the bébé augergine and I don't like it turned to mush. When I use slices of the adults I always use the salt trick to draw out the water.

I'm afraid you're on your own with the seeds!


Wow, this looks so good. I am definitely going to try making this next week! How's life in NY??? Miss you..


We were talking about what items are called at school (I'm a culinary school student). Bottom line (and it is the bottom line!): You can charge more for frites than you can for fries. Sounds better.



Long time lurker first time commenter…well maybe I commented a long time ago…

You always manage to put a smile :) on my face, make my mouth water and cause me to appreciate the creative way you present food and your descriptions…




If you play to win glaze you'd do it skinless in fish and chips batter or this same way with snapaaaaaaaaaaaah risotto green peas and snapaaaaaaaaah poached shrimp. With crusty yeasty bread and wine.

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