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April 30, 2009



Still waiting for our chance at a sunburn in the PNW. But all the fruit trees are in full bloom. My office isn't quite windowless - I have a glass panel in my wall that I can look through to another glass panel across the hall that lets me have a small glimpse out the window in that office. But I know how you feel. Vive le soleil!


If you've never tried light therapy, it can really help those who don't get proper sun exposure. I work in a basement and in the winter there are days where I don't see the sun. I have a lot of trouble sleeping during those times and the light really helps; if I do it regularly each morning when I get up, for 15 to 20 minutes. I got mine at the link below but there are others out there.


Enjoy the Summer!

Ellen Dye

I so remember those days---I developed a deep understanding of vampires :) As the sun was dipping down I was on my way to work and then heading home usually as it was fixing to rise, or I got a brief glance as I was passing out in my apartment :) Ah, those were the days!

Thanks for the tip about Prada---I'm going to check it out next time I get to a store!


In the final photo, it looks like a pan is about to come down on someone's head. Maybe that would be less dangerous than a knife wound? And a concussion would certainly mean that the injured party would need an escort to the ER. A hooky-playing twofer!


Clever writing about a sad phenom. I want to send you sun and garden roses! However, it looks like you've found the sun in the people you work with.


Spring is warming up nicely here. Would you kindly log on to www.folkschool.org, peruse the catalog and consider coming down to teach a class for a week or 2. I have not taught there in awhile myself to due my work schedule, but I should be able to find out whom you contact for a contract. I'd love to take a class from you and learn how to properly cook snapahhh. LOL!


Ha! I'm a culinary school student and my husband is a geek. We have matching tans! Children run screaming into the night, you can bet.


Ms. Glaze

SAS – Well I thought Spring had sprung until this week and it looks like we're back in Winter again. Such a tease, Spring this year.

Kent – I have heard great things about those lights. One of my friends even suggested going to a tanning salon, but I'm not sure it would work?!!?!?!

Ellen – Yes, I have had a lot of early mornings returns lately. But, hey, it's NYC that's what people do here I guess?

Carolyn – Thanks for the roses!

San – Wow! Great blog!!! Your quilts are inspiring and your stories too! My Grandmother was a quilter and knitter. She could make anything.

I would love to teach a class at Folk School. Maybe in the future we can schedule something. For now, I'm trapped in the kitchen, but keep me in mind ;-)

CSC – Yes, the ghost affect seems to scare everyone off these days!

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