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April 26, 2009


Jee Kim

Qu'ils veuillent l'avouer ou non, je pense que les chefs (même les français...!) apprécient les femmes dans la cuisine justement à cause de ce désir d'être meilleures que les hommes. It keeps the macho men on their toes...!

Keep up the good work!


I'd just like to make an observation... maybe it's true that vibrators don't snore or come home drunk or eye up other girls, but they're utterly hopeless at cutting the grass and fixing cars. And I'd hazard a guess they're pretty lousy at cooking too.

We have our uses.


Ellen Dye

Another wonderful post, Amy. When I worked I was in the front of the house, but still it was mostly guys. And I too am a girly girl and proud to be one. It was oh so nice when finally a few other girls came on board----at least one of us would have remembered our lipstick and perfume in case another forgot either of these essentials :)

La Loutre

I am at 200% agree with you. I am chef in a french restaurant and for me, its very important to have some women in the team. I had a women like stagier, i worked 9 months with her, it was wonderful, i learnd a lot of things with her and she did a better job than some men. Ill never forget he. But you are right for some chefs, womens need more time to prove they can do a good work. But for me today in the XXI ème siècle, women deserve much their place as men in the kitchen :-)


Je pense que tu as perdu des poids? Mange plus!!! Bon printemps!!

Ms. Glaze

SAS – You really think I've lost weight?!?! Really???? I've put on a few pounds but I"m afraid it's all gone to my butt. Unfortunately I actually feel it in my knees. I've never had knee problems until just these last few weeks. OWD? (old woman's disease?) I dunno... Happy Spring to you too!!!!

La Loutre – Thank you chef for your note and encouragement. Times are a changin.... even in France.

Ellen – Just bought the best perfume ever. Prada. Love it. Check it out.

Gordon – Yes, at the end of the day you're right. I'm a little old fashioned really. Haven't felt the need yet to splurge on the "rabbit" or whatever it's called. But still, it was an interesting conversatation and I can argue both sides. You know, we don't really have lawns in NYC, but we do have trash to take out and little home improvement projects. I have a daddy-do list that is continually growing...

Jee – Exact! And it also keeps things balanced. Yin and yang, ya know?


I used to be a ballet dancer way-back-when. Then I became an engineer. Who was the most bawdy and vulgar of those two worlds... the ballet dancers hands down.


i miss you giiiiirls :(

it's been 2 months already...


i really like this post!

Ms. Glaze

Lok – Your spirit is missed in the kitchen. When are you going to finish that darned cooking school thingy and come back!?!?!

Lilalia – That is so funny! I don't know if I"ll ever be able to watch a ballet show again without thinking of this comment ;-)


Love your sense of humor. Think you should know that the plural of kitchen is kitchens, not kitchen's. The 's is used for possessive case only - like if you want to say something is the kitchen's, like the kitchen's floor is slippery. No need to post this comment.

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