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May 13, 2009



Pretty sure that a sweatshirt with a metal zipper is worse. Oh, or some quarters that fall out of your pants!

Working at the veggie station, you should show off any interesting seasonal produce that comes your way.

Ellen Dye

Good luck! I'm sure you'll have the tuna down in no time---this is the good part about getting older and becoming your own worst critic, you hound yourself until you get it right. Usually this happens in record time :)

Thanks for the Prada tip----oh my, what a fab smell!


The worst is the favorite shirt (delicate wash, line dry) that gets washed in warm water and tumbled dried by your SO, reducing it to a wrinkled, shrunken shell of its former perfectness, because it happens silently, while you are unaware of the horror that is unfolding in the laundry room until it is too late.

At least you are cognizant of what is happening to you, and can take action. Tomorrow, your tuna will be perfectly poached, while my shirt will still be...a dust rag. sigh...


Hello, I came across your blog on Chef Blog Directory. Not to change the subject but did I see your Top Chef audition video on Youtube?


Veg station huh? Good work... of course the first day or two is a "rock n roll", but you'll get it down in no time. Het


You can do it Glaze. But I do see what you are up against. Too many balls up in the air at any one time. That unexpected order is a killer which is why most cooks lose it with the unexpected orders or special orders... they really gum up the works.

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A little bit at least. When I change stations I normally mess everything up until my inner self loathing demon relaxes, my nerves settle, I tame the adrenaline rush, and I focus

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