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May 31, 2009


Ellen Dye

Looks absolutely delish. I'm counting days until we arrive in NY---can't wait to eat:) Thanks for posting!


Wonderful story, Amy.
So sorry I missed you on March 24 but I know you needed the day off!
Lianne - Petaluma


Jeeze! I have NEVER eaten here!!!
Too intimidated by the dark large room. Yet now I see the menu looks wonderful.
I have missed out, especially since I used to work in No-Lita just a few blocks away...
I must make up for lost time.
But is their Pho as good as the place near your St.Michel pied-a-terre?
That is the question.


I remember going to Kelley and Ping in the mid-80's, when I used to go to NYC to visit my college roommate.
We'd always go shopping in Soho, then have noodles for lunch.
Thanks for reminding me of the good old days!

Dawn Smith

Wow! sounds delicious...amazing pictures.


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