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June 10, 2009



It just does not sound like fun anymore. Either you make it sound too dramatic so we all feel for you or you are not in your place. Imagine the surgeon who is as nervous as you are before every operation? This is what ia called being "professional". And grey hair is normal, did you expect not to have it till you are 60? Welcome to the club :) You should have more fun, young lovers will take few hairs away

Ellen Dye

Oh what a rotten time to find your first shock of gray. Hugs your way! I was blessedly alone when mine reared it's ugly self---not to mention with a few hours of recovery time to myself :) I can heartily recommend Clariol, easy to use and great coverage.


My Dad has white hair, but I inherited pattern baldness and gray from my mother's father. Sigh. I had hoped for white instead of dirty gray.

Ms. Glaze

Ginger – It is fun! I love my job. But new dishes are exciting and stressful. Just like the opening of a show.

We serve over 200 people per day and working a new dish into the menu on that scale is much different than just creating a one-off special. Many people contribute to each dish, but only one person is responsible for bringing it to the passe. And when that person is you, the stakes are much higher.

Le Bernardin was recently voted the 15th best restaurant in the world and we have 3 Michelin stars which also keeps the stakes high!

I'll consider the "young lovers" idea but that sounds like more white hairs to me ;-)

Ellen – I'm going for the Elvira look I think – so dramatic.

Kevin –

Ms. Glaze

Kevin – Sorry, my message got cut off above. I was going to suggest L'Oreal to you!!! Hahahaha!!! Honestly, in a strange way, my new white hairs kind of give me a sense of empowerment. I can't really explain it, but it's like a: finally-I'm-not-a-teenager-anymore kind of feeling.


Sounds like quite the dish. Sorry to hear about the hair, but it's a great story!


Sounds like you have finally earned your (chefs' white)stripes - I'm certain that you'll pull your newfound level of "seniority" off in style ;)


hah, this morning, as my husband was cutting my hair (it is only 9mm long and we do it with a machine) he very carefully put into words what I had been seeing but ignoring (even to myself) for a couple of weeks now: I think you are getting your first white hair. It was his revenge for my jokes about not even needing to clean the sink after cutting his hair - he doesn't have much left! I decided I do prefer grey/white above no hair!

Carolyn Jung

Ah, it happens sooner or later to the best of us. That's why they invented L'Oreal and highlights. ;)

The Prudent Homemaker

But for us parents who want to keep having children . . .

hair dye is not okay to use when pregnant. I hear it won't even work.

And my hair is just one shade under black--and the new hairs coming through are not grey, but stark white.

I have a picture of my great-great grandmother on the wall. Looking at it, you may asume she is old, because of all her grey hair. When you look at her face, though, you realize she's probably only in her mid 40s--she just didn't have hair dye to use.


that dish is sooo beautiful though!...

i miss you already and it hasnt even been a week yet...

you will be seeing more of me. for suuuure pretty lady!


How's the book coming along?
That could surely get you out from behind that stressful counter.
This doesn't sound like so much fun.


ah girl,...with your talent.. you basically love what you do. Don't deny it. It would take less than one half your talent to be in charge of a million dollar bar and grill somewhere in a nice place like Florida. A nice boat to bring in fresh fish and an ample hammock to sip mojitos from. But naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Wonderful launch pad for talking about food!!!!!

I was sure some hair was going to end up in the food!

You could shave it all off….


A fabulous post as always….

prozac nation

Age doesn't matter as long as the cooking is good. :D

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