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August 05, 2009



omg..you make good cioppino..i loves to eat french bread dip with cioppino yet il est delicieux.You did right thing..i don't put veggie at all but i used baby carrot and potato goes well with it as side dish.

Margery Cohen

Thanks, Amy.


Lovely recipe BUT what's happening with your burns. Keep us up-dated please.

Expat Stu

I agree with all that except I use shallots rather than onion, and always slap in a bottle of clam joo.

Ms. Glaze

Martha – My burns are slowly healing. The hardest part is doing the exercises that the physical therapist game me, because every time I spell the alphabet with my foot I feel like my skin is going to stretch apart. And the other hard part is having a 'forced' vacation and not being able to do anything or go anywhere. Harumph! I'm definitely moping around the house.


I'm definately going to have to try your recipe with some home made crusty bread.

I hope your burns are starting to heal. You've got to take care of yourself so you can get back on your "feet" (so to speak)


Thanks for sharing the recipe. I swear Physical Therapists seem so cruel, but follow the instructions to the letter and do everything and then some. It makes all the difference in the world. Hope you get out and around soon.


They're actually called 'Physical Terrorists.'

Healing vibes your way, etc.


Love the cioppino advice Missy G. You make it sound so easy!

And am powerful sorry about your foot! Heal, heal pal!

Greg Wetzel

I tried this for dinner tonight. Yum! It's very good! I made as few changes as I could ;-). Used fresh oregano and basil (added later). Threw it all in one pot (dutch oven), instead of using a separate baking dish. After baking it, I found that I had to put it back on the stove to simmer to get the mussels to open--next time, I'm just going to simmer it on the stove instead of baking. Had friends over--we finished the whole pot. Get well soon!

Rerto Jordans

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