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August 21, 2009



Love love love corn fritters! Rice flour works well when it's a small quantity like in this recipe. The challlenge for me is actually saving enough corn from the shucking to make them - I tend to eat corn without waiting for anything so mundane as cooking. :>

Ms. Glaze

SAS - I was thinking of you when I wrote this! I think rice flour would work well too given it's just 2T. I don't think the gluten in the recipe is really necessary. These fritters rely more on the eggs, but there needs to be something to bind the egg yolk and corn kernels together besides the egg white.


Glad to know I'm raising the GF consciousness of the culinary world!! Thinking these would be great for dinner tomorrow night...thanks for the recipe!


I haven't made corn fritters yet this year - I need to get off the stick! Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever posted my recipe, something else I should do.

akinoluna - a female Marine

I would definitely just eat the whole plateful.

4 Borders Pundit

First it was fun and well-lit videos in Paris, now these recent photos. Somebody's getting some mad photography skills.

Like someone else commented on another post, it's getting hard to believe you don't have a book or show upcoming.

I can't stand raw corn, but the Missus will eat it. Once on a 2-person bike trip in Alsace, she stopped and headed into a corn field, popped an ear off a stalk and ate it raw while I, ever-mindful of safety and avoiding arrest, scanned the road for an oncoming police car or crazed lorry driver. I asked her what the heck she was doing. She casually replied, "I got hungry."


Mmm. If they have fresh corn at the farmers' market, I am definitely trying this!

eric the red

super yummy!


Oh my this looks like something I would cave for! I love, love corn. I just got back to France and I find even the canned corn exceptional here!! Ms.Glaze I am writing a guidebook for Paris and would love some input from you!


I made these last night and they are amazing.


Hi Ms Glaze, What an honor to have you include a link to my Savory Corn Fritters here on your post :) Thank you!

I grew up eating the sweet (with maple syrup) variety of fritter and yours look absolutely delicious... love the addition of mashed banana for an even tastier treat.


Melissa Smith

These are amazing and I've made them several times already! And in a pinch I used a 12 ounce package of organic frozen corn. Whenever I'm going to fry something --- I use Michael Chiarello's Arborio Rice Coating (ground Aborio rice, four, semolina, salt and pepper)in place of the flour. It adds a lovely flavor and crisp texture and I use basically no oil to fry the fritters.

security systems

These are a great variation in cooking corn. I'm sure my kids will love this one.

logo design

It looks delicious, making me hungry. I love corn.


Nice recipe, thanks for sharing it....I will definitely try this one out...

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