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August 30, 2009



THIS is the type of pasta I miss...One, because it tastes good, and two, because it's just so darn fun to make. I can invent GF surrogates for most things, but paper-thin pasta dough isn't one of them. I'll pass this one on to the scion, though - He likes making pasta.


Ms Glaze,

This dish looks wonderful. I really hope that you get well soon but I will be sad when you have to get back to work because that would mean no more personal cooking time for you or recipes for us.


I am going to have to give this a try it looks really good. Just as an FYI the clamp did not stay on because it is backwards (or at least in the picture it is backwards, flip it around and put the straight part with the groove in the hole to the left of where you have it. Then tighten or adjust the threaded part under the counter.

Hope this helps and I look forward to tasting your good looking food.




I'm gonna give this a go when the weather cools down. I got a nice Italian-made pasta maker for christmas '07. My wife bought it through Fantes in Philly.

I've only made big sheets for lasagna, which have been awesome. There's nothing like thin tender fresh pasta.

We once had dinner at an old Italian restaunt in Baltimore, over by the aquarium. The place said they made their own pasta.

I had the lasagna, and it was heaven. I counted thirteen layers of pasta, and my fork slid through them all like butter.

Butter, I say!

hungry dog

This looks so delicious. Ricotta, chard, and tomatoes--great combo.


Beautiful stuff... you girl are an iron chef. Born to cook type. Cook'abee!. I want to make pasta now. Just baked some bread but reading your post motivates me to make pasta. Been thinking of making pasta forever. Have all the gadgets and...no time. With a pot luck coming up I am making pasta Alfredo from scratch. I will see if you have already blogged about it... etc... But I am making pasta.. some kind of pasta, soon.


This looks soooo good, and I've still got tomatoes and lots of chard in my garden right now...

Made gnocchi for the first time last night- next up is ravioli...

No idea where my pasta machine is (I've never used it in fact!), but I'm going to look for it right now!


wow..that was nice idea..I will try that at home..thanks for sharing..


Well, no Alfredo yet, but I will. However the pasta fever led me to some store bought lassagna...and I made a kick ass lassagna. WOW!!!!!!! It turned out greeeeat!
I have been reading from folks making their own pasta that they let dry out a bit before cooking. I hadn't thought of that. But it makes me eager to try and make some pasta again from scratch. Maybe I could let it hang out a bit in the food dehydrator? just a thought?

Jamie Sparks

You are amazing Amy!! I miss you!

The Food Hunter

Looks wonderful!

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