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August 18, 2009



Wow, I didn't realize I had gotten so far behind reading your blog. All of the recipes look great & the photography is great too. Hope you're healing nicely. How is your burn?

Ms. Glaze

Pam – I've been trying to cook every day since I can't go galavanting around the city with a 3rd degree burn! It looks like my foot is almost healed and I'm hoping to get the Doc's clearance to start work next week. Unfortunately the skin across the top of the foot is very thin, so it takes a long time to grow back. Boo!

I would love to do really beautiful photography but I'm afraid a XLR camera is out of my price range at the moment. I'm waiting for the new Limux which has an awesome Leica lense and allows for some manual control


Weel, I think your photography's great with the camera you have. I also know how expensive the XLRs are too.
I'm glad the burn is getting better, but it will take time. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated.
I had a little incident with hot things myself. I was making a piece of jewelry & didn't have my hair pulled back (for some reason). Yep, a piece of hair fell in front of the torch. Nothing was damaged...I just really need someone to trim up my new "bangs". Boy, burnt hair smells really bad.


Wonder if this would work with quinoa, since couscous isn't on a GF diet? Sounds like it's worth a try, for sure...

John Lowe

Israeli couscous, where does one buy it? The recipe sounds great.

Ms. Glaze

John – Israeli couscous is sometimes called Large Pearl Couscous or Middle Eastern couscous. You can buy it in bulk at Whole Foods and it often comes prepackaged at most supermarkets. Check in the aisle close to the grains (rice, pasta) or maybe in the International aisle.

SAS - I think quinoa is a good sub for just about anything and everything. I love quinoa. Still wonder why it's pronounced totally different from how it's spelled....


I called it "kwi-no-uh" once and learned my lesson very quickly. Whoops!

The Lumix cameras are a nice intermediate step if you want something more than a compact point-and-shoot, but aren't ready to shell out $1,000+ for an SLR plus lenses. But whichever camera you're currently using works well.


While I follow your blog regularly, I don't thing I have ever left a note.

So, Hello.

The texture of our Israeli couscous looks amazing! While I often make mine with plumped Raisins and Saffron, the texture never comes out al-dente. I must try making it with stock instead of water!

It's good to hear that 3rd degree(!) burn is healing well. I must admit though during this 'time-out' you are publishing some awesome recipes -- like the one you created with poached egg and green tomatoes.

Also, entry level digital SLR (Single-lens reflex) cameras are coming down in price. Nikon D5000 along with 50mm 1.8 lens can be bought for around $800.

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