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August 12, 2009


susan worthman

just discovered you used to work at Ristorante Ecco. Thanks to your skill and that of the rest of the staff, I spent many a blissful afternoon lunching there.
A friend hankers after the tartufo you used to serve. Do you happen to have the recipe?


Great idea for using tomatoes. I'm feeling blessed because I actually have green zebras in my garden this year (although not nearly as many tomatoes on the plant as I wish I had!)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I love that you've mixed fried tomatoes with raw tomatoes. And I'm in awe of your perfect poached egg -- mine never manage to be so self-contained!

Ms. Glaze

Susan – Ristorante Ecco was the first real restaurant I cooked at in SF about 12 years ago now. And it is still one of my favorites. Too bad they closed, it was well loved by everyone and I wish I had taken better notes in the kitchen...

The sous chef of RE now has his own restaurant in SF called Luella. I will get the recipe for you.

Kalyn – I've been really unimpressed this year with quality of heirloom tomatoes and the prices are outrageous, but the green zebras seem to be holding up well.

Lydia – I left something out in the recipe that I do when trying to cook picture perfect poached eggs: I start a little tornado in the center of the pot with the back of a long spoon handle and slide the egg right into the eye. The white whips around the yolk. I also cook them one by one.

I think people forget that poached eggs don't have to be served immediately and they reheat easily.To cook 4 eggs one by one only takes about 5 minutes of time and it's worth the finished look.

Also fresh eggs, not more than a week old, will retain their shape in simmering water with or without my tornado trick and you slide several into the pot without worry.

John Lowe

Green Zebra tomatoes rare? I don't think so, at least not to the home gardener. I grow them myself in an EarthBox. Both seeds and transplants are available from Seed Savers Exchange. Just had them in an omelet with peppers this morning. Very good!

Ms. Glaze

John – Oh what I'd give to have a garden again or even direct sunlight allowing for a window box. Boo!


Dear Ms Glaze,

I have been enjoying your frequent blog entries thoroughly. I love your simple recipes that taste so remarkable. I wish you ran your own restaurant or cook show.

I wish you a speedy recovery!


Question - is there a reason to use these specific Panko bread crumbs? Is there a diff if you say, convert your home-made brioche disaster into breadcrumbs? Or that puff pastry that you "forgot" about? (because there was something really interesting on the television at that moment....)

I am thinking about doing this for Sunday brunch - maybe add one more layer of tomato fried in basil cream to be sinful! And serve in a soup bowl for a diff effect.

Ms. Glaze

Jeremy - Go Panko bread crumbs all the way. I know you do a lot of cooking and if you're never used these before I think you will be a believer afterwards. I have experimented with many different types of breading (including those from lost and forgotten experiments) and Panko are BY FAR my favorite for frying. They always have a nice crunch without getting soggy. They are bland though, so season like a madman.

I love the addition of basil cream. Or even a reduced balsamic drizzle could be nice. But I have to say that the egg yolk just really sends it all home with or without the extra fuss.

Sonia - Thank you! You just made my day. It's been great to have some time to do my own cooking for a change ;-)


Well, I really must say that fried green tomatoes, are, how do you say, kinda like in my area as well as ripe green zebras. Green,unripe tomatoes, sliced, salt, pepper, fried golden, if you are rich in olive oil, texas champagne hot sauce. Simple, common, and the food that someone who is broke can cook as a summer delight. JPS


I forgot to put in that the green tomatoes must be dredged in flour before frying. JPS


Pps, No egg. JPS


Delicious recipe. Tastes just like summer. Happened to have Green Zebras from my CSA I did not know what to do with.... Thanks for the inspiration.


Fresh tomatoes and poached eggs, and crispy batter... this recipe combines three of my favorite foods into one dish. :)

Tom Wagner

I have been growing Green Zebra tomatoes almost every year for the last 36! You can imagine my excitement when I found the first example of the variety---it had more zing than most tomatoes and I purposely bred the traits of four heirloom tomatoes together in a variety of ways until I came up with the true breeding line I released 10 years later in my Tater Mater Seeds catalog in 1983.

I have so many new creations bred up from Green Zebra, that even I don't know all the ones in my inventory. The newest Green Zebra line is named Gooseberry Lane. A clear epidermis green fleshed tomato about 1/2 inch in diameter and looks and almost tastes like a gooseberry.

I have recreated a possible replacement for the Green Zebra called Zebre au Bois. Everything about it like the original but it has some Ananas Noir bred in for a more complex taste sensation.

I will likely post a picture of it on my TaterMater blog someday.

Tom Wagner


In step 1, it says to bring 4'"s of water to a simmer. What does that mean? Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Cups? I need to eat what is in that picture!! I've never poached eggs before so I'm clueless. Please help.

P.S. This site is truly amazing!


P.P.S. Ms. Glaze, will you marry me?

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We just got our first ever green zebra tomatoes today and are trying to decide how to use them - this looks like just what we were looking for. I especially love the layers of raw red tomato (we got a whole bunch of those too! Tomato season is THE BEST!)

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