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September 13, 2009



Great title. Congratulations. It is good to hear you are back, presumably because your burn has healed well. Must have been very painful. Take care, but go full speed. We'll be waiting to hear more about your new position. Sounds exciting.


Félicitations! Et bonne santé! I just finished a miserable week that included two days in hospital, so I'm hoping your good fortune rubs off on me. Or at least your attitude!


Congratulations Ms. Glaze - there is nothing more to add to "have fun".


So happy to hear that you are OK and back to work. Congrats on the promotion. You'll be running that place in no time.

Alessio Fangano

Hi Amy, so nice to hear that u r back! I was getting worried about ur foot...
Very nice post, somehow summarizes the reasons for my career change.

"To some 'having fun' might be equivalent to partying the whole night long, but to me it's following your heart and pursuing your passion to its fullest potential.": I couldn't have put it better. Thanks!

Best wishes for ur new station. Im sure you'll rock!!! :D


Hi Amy, I would say good luck but my guess is luck has very little to do with it. I know you'll do great.

I made Jambalaya the other night and since there is no recipe it's a little different each time. This one was sooooo good. I thought of you while I was in food heaven.

Glad to hear the foot is better and oh what the heck, good luck!!



Go for it Amy! Hurray for you... and you're right about having fun. If you're passionate about what you're doing, all the hard work has meaning. Get in there and cook! Het


My god Ms Glaze! Can't you at least tell us what the hot appetisers are? You know others need something to dream about too, especcially those like me who, after a hard day's work, dined on a basket of deep fried mini corn dogs off the appetiser menu of the bulldog bar on the recommendaton of the waitress that "they are delicious." Anyway I think, as the Stones say, "when the whip comes down you're going be running that town"! John


Ah, in for another season.

Why not?

Have fun.

Rerto Jordans

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Jordan Flipsyde

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