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September 22, 2009


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I love squash, actually it is one in my favorite veggies, and I will try to cook that one, i think thats very delicious..


"I stir my risotto base non stop for 30 minutes until it is al dente."

I think most risotto that I eat in restaurants are cooked until they're mush. I actually gave up on eating other people's risotto because of the texture and I rarely have the time so the arborio sits in the corner undisturbed. :-(


Hi Ms Glaze,
The Risotto sounds wonderful, I have just started the Leaky Gut diet, again but seriously this time. is it even possible to make Risotto with brown rice?
I can have goat cheese so far, chicken stock and the vegetables. Not the wine, can't have anything with mold... i have suddenly become one of "those" people.
Ir's hard to stay on this for any length of time because the food choices are so limited. Any suggestions?
Corte Madera


Nice. I love risotto. I'll try this with one of the Baby Pam pumpkins from the garden (sweet, creamy flesh; no strings, perfect for cooking).

Here's another way to cook up the Aborio rice - bring a big-ass pot of water to the boil, just like you're cooking pasta.

But instead of putting in the pasta, add the two cups of Aborio rice in a steady stream while stirring well.

Start checking the rice after it's been cooking for about 10 minutes, until you like the texture. Strain the rice like it was pasta, then do whatever you like with it - top with a sauce, blend in some chopped items, or just serve simply with oil, fresh herbs, and grated cheese.

Oh, yeah.


Hiya Chef!

I think you've got some comment SPAM.

Sounds like you make risotto to order at your station rather than the finish the half-way method a lot of places do; always good, especially with extra sea urchin.

I'll br trying your butternut squash variant since that's one of the squash that I do like. Maybe not the curry powder though, but I'll find some and decide beforehand.

The only question: regular bacon or artisanal?

Greg a L.A.

I don't eat bacon.....oh, I guess I should say hi, hope you are well first....so Bonjour! Yes, I don't eat bacon, so do you have any idea of something I could substitute? BTW, don't eat beef, pork or lamb. Also, wondering if you have tried using Carnoroli Rice instead of the regular arborio rice. It is so much better!

How's the new position going?

Ms. Glaze

I love carnoroli rice. It is so creamy and in fact that's what I used for this recipe. I think you could leave out the bacon for this. It's hearty enough without it.

susan from food blogga

I love making risotto. There's something so gratifying about watching it transform in the pan. And mmmm.... the sharp, peppery dandelions greens are a great flavor contrast to the sweet butternut squash.

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Risotto is one of my favourite.. Nice recipe.. The pictures look great.. Thanks..


I am visiting New York in November and would like to have one, big, blow out meal with my college friend. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Ms. Glaze

Le Bernardin. Of course!!!


the only great thing about cold weather: it's risotto-time....

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