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October 20, 2009



Ms Glaze, Thank God you get a decent home cooked meal once in a while, with the absolutely wilting demands you meet. I have never eaten squash skin. How was it? On another note, will there ever be a modern unified theory of sauces that brings togther in some coherent, organized manner, the changes in approach from not only novelle cuisine, but world influnces on modern cuisine, that would impose order like the classical French system? Could Eric Ripert, Bobby Flay, Rick Bayliss, Ming Tsai and all the other modern great Chefs and world contributions to modern fine cuisine into a system like Escoffier's and as simply stated Like Julia Child? Is this possible? Is it desirable? Can a classically trained French Chef impose order on world cuisine like the Code Napoleon after the Revolution? Can this been done for the home cook? Or are these thoughts merely the by product od an addled, untrained mind? John


Hiya Chef!

By some odd coinkidink I was given one of these things, but mine appears to be the size of a softball.

Wasn't quite sure what to do with it since squash normally doesn't make an appearance on my menus, but your post is serendipitous and even includes bacon. The squash will meet the Universal Oneness as soon as I get some good bacon (I'll send a photo if it turns out).


Hated hated hated squash/pumpkin until I was in my 20's. Then somebody flipped a switch. One Thanksgiving I ate an entire pumpkin pie by myself. In one day... Will have to look for these guys at the store this week. we've had some drizzly, foggy PNW days lately, so anything roasted sounds perfect. Thanks!


I love this recipe. It uses the squash and its seeds and is paired with the complimentary flavors of frisée and bacon. Perfect.


Had a customer last nite into my restaurant who had been into yours a couple weeks ago and raved about the food. Keep it up.


Ah, perfect!

I was thinking about a squash dish for the Thanksgiving menu, and this one's it.


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