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October 29, 2009



Coffee is magic. And I always enjoy your stories of life in the kitchen, and marvel at your talent savoir-être.

akinoluna - a female Marine

Ugh! Gulping down soap can't be fun.


Hope your stomach is still doing great after the industrial soap shot... What a lovely morning read, thanks for sharing your stories :)


My God Ms Glaze! I hope you get the damn ruby slippers out of this deal! John


I feel your pain. To try and disrupt the morning routine that becomes superstition, I will occasionally shave the left side of my face first, instead of the right like I almost always do.

Inevitably though, when I change my morning routine, something goes wrong that day. I will keep trying to beat the odds though.


This was a funny post; I really enjoyed reading it.

I wonder however -- are you able to cook 'normally' at home when you cook for yourself? Are you able to leave this obsessive need to get everything PERFECT at LeB. at the end of the day and go to -- say, Burger King -- sorry!

Anna Bellini

this was such a wonderful read!! sorry for your troubles but it was such joy reading about them :)

Margery Cohen

I will fix the point of your Misono, no charge.

Ms. Glaze

SB - I do have a soft spot for Big Macs, especially in France. I have no idea why McDonald's is actually good in France (maybe it's because you can buy a beer with your Royal!). I am very easy to please outside of work – I can eat just about anything as long as it's properly cooked, seasoned, and has creativity, organic and/or local ingredients, and served with a smile. That's not too much to ask is it?!?! On second thought, maybe a Big Mac is more realistic...

Margery – You are awesome!!! I will bring my knife in next week!!! Can't wait to say 'hi' and see how you're doing. It's been at least a year since I saw you. I remember that you sharpened my knives before my interview at LB, so it looks like you brought me luck! Are you still sharpenging knives at the Chelsea Market?

Scott – You are very brave to disrupt the morning routine. I find it really throws me off for the whole day. What's wrong with me?!?!?!

John – Well considering I already have Toto (my Karin terrier) I suppose that ruby slippers at some point will be inevitable...there's no place like home...

Nicky – funny enough it didn't effect me in the least. I kept waiting to feel something from it or at least start hiccuping bubbles, but nothing happened. Perhaps I just needed a good cleaning...

Akinoluna - I much prefer the taste of coffee to soap. I don't think I've ever been forced to eat a bar of soap, so this was an eye opening experience

Allison – Coffee is magic indeed. It is one of the things that make being human such an enjoyable experience. Wine and sex are also in that category...


hmmm, I smell a merchandising scheme in the future.

Official Ms Glaze Voodoo Dolls!

You can customize them to look exactly like that special Chef de Cuisine in your life!

Ms. Glaze

Drago – Either your high or I'm high. Either way, I think this just might be marketable. As long as all the dolls don't look like me. I don't need people all over the world sticking pins in and messing up my day – could be very hazardous at work. Let's wait until healthcare gets straightened out before running any trials....


How could I not become a foodie with opportunities to meet cooks like yourself?

I will never forget your private cooking lesson and will always be grateful for meeting you. Your high spirit, generosity, and kick ass tarts are forever locked in my mind!

Jim Ortiz

I sure love your story's, I've been hit by those witches in the Bakery, usally they make you forget or add to much to a mix....nasty business.....:(

Margery Cohen

Yes, I'm still at the Chelsea Market - Wed and Sat noon to 6.
Can't get he image of swallowing industrial soap out of my head. Ugh.


Well, the next time your day falls apart, maybe it would help to look at things and ask, "Did I kill any small children today?"

If the answer is "No," then it wasn't a total disaster.


Tooo funny!

R Becklund

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