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October 04, 2009



Congrats again - that's getting to be a habit! :> Sounds like this is even more of a challenge for you than the Hot Appetizers. Will we see you on Top Chef one of these seasons? In any event, glad things are going your way...

La Loutre

Good luck for tomorow, i know you will be the best again. But dont forget what i told you about your futur. I really want to hear speak about you every where around the world like the best chef who does simple food with the best produce.
You deserve that.


My God Ms Glaze!
Tyrants! Don't they realize you need your beauty sleeps! John


Congrats on movin' on up.

I suppose this means we won't be getting as many recipes from you in the short-term.


Very exciting! Congrats and good luck!

Expat Stu

How about a monkfish recipe? I love that stuff, and I can sometimes get frozen monk from NZ for a very good price. I use Jean Brunelin's recipe for bourride de baudroie Sètoise, which is terrific, but it may be time for something different.


Woohoo! I'm going to add my congratulations with everyone else's because this is just great news. Why do I feel like the assignment to Hot Apps was termporary from the get-go and only intended to roll you back up to speed in prep for bigger and better? Conspiracy?

So… fewer recipes but more Chef stories: I can live with that.

By the way I think it's pretty obvious that you would have never been able to infiltrate because of several obvious differences. I'd use the line favored by John Moore but this is a family blog.


Congrats and good luck!!

On a sad note:


Mélanie Trastulli

Achieving one of your goals is so exciting, congratulations!!


Ms Glaze, I was reading about the monk station today in your chef's book "on the line", then I came here & saw this post. Cool! I love your blog, I have been reading it for a while. Came here first, when I was researching Le Cordon Bleu.

sue caissy

You go Girl..as you always do....


Fried eggplant.


Lisa Tune

Oh, dear...a little late catching up on your latest news...and what good news, it is! Congratulations, Ms. Glaze!! I wonder if Annie and Kate are more caught up than I? If not, I'll make sure they know! Lisa

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the monk station ? it sounds like a trash disc form a hardcore band

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