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November 07, 2009



I love brandade,I learned to make it with a chef who used only milk and olive oil, no potatoes which made for a wonderful emulsion.We sauteed some fingerling potatoes a'la Sardalaise added some olive tapenade with crouton and a bit of salad, fabulous! The only troubling thing now is it's unfortunate that we have almost run this fish into extinction! The cod should be protected, so we won't lose a traditional dish or species like this one, regardless whether we like to eat it.(imhop)

Thanks Amy, great reading and great work.


Ms. Glaze

Jeremy – From my research, potatoes were a later addition to brandade. Originally it was a little more like aioli with cod mashed into it (like what you're talking about). Either way I think it's delicious, but I prefer to confit the garlic first so it's not so overpowering and I like the creaminess of the potatoes.

Pacific cod is not on the endangered list, but yes, most Atlantic species have either been close to fished out or they are on stricter protection watch with tighter yearly quotas.

The Northeast Atlantic cod still has high populations, but the Northwest Atlantic cod is decimated. And even though it is protected now, the population is not making a big comeback.

Fisherman today are harvesting 1% of the amount of cod that they caught in 1977. Trawlers and machinery that scraped the ocean's floor ruining eco systems while catching fish are now illegal, thankfully.

I think of salted cod today as more of a specialty item. And when I buy it fresh in restaurants I like to know where it's from and how it's caught.

Ms. Glaze

Here's a link to Critobal, the company that exports salted fish. I thought their synopsis/hisotry on the modern process of salting was interesting:



I love brandade. I want some right now! John


Thanks Amy for the information, every so often I order cod for work but feel so guilty! Must be my grandmother being Basque, that makes me like it so much! I have a great provencale book with a brandade like we used to do at Rapael restaurant,and I had it in France with the potatoes too, huge portion I was totally not expecting a bowl of the stuff!

Ms. Glaze

I've seen brandade served as a main course and for me it's just too much. Didn't know you are Basque!!! I love basque food. Especially pinxtos (sp?)...


I am a mix, Russian,Italian, French and Basque!
I love food!



My wife (who doesn't cook) is agitating for some kind of nibble to serve folks as they arrive on Thanksgiving. I'm not real crazy about that approach, since I want people famished for the main event.

But I think this little number will do the trick, and keep us both happy.




Oh how I love me some brandade. I've been meaning to make it for years. My (Italian) family makes baccala, but it's strips of it wrapped around a filling and baked in tomatoes. Good, but not as good as this.

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I love some brandade. My grandmother being Basque, that makes me like it so much! I will surely give her this recipe. Thanks for posting.

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