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November 09, 2009



This sounds delish - I like a bit of "sweetness" in savory dishes. I'll have to give it a try. Do you really only roast the veggies for 20 mins, or do you let thme continue to roast while you finish the sauce?

On another topic - In Episode 8: Perfect Pairings, is that you in the far right background? We never see a head, just a backside, but it appears to be a, ah, feminine backside. :>

Ms. Glaze

SAS - Oddly enough the pomegranate juice adds a little sweetness, but not as much as I expected. In some ways the sauce is like a red wine vinegar chicken jus reduction but with more complexity. Frankly, I was really surprised. I guess it tasted more full bodied at the end but not discernibly fruity. Try it and tell me what you think! I always trust your opinion.

As for episode 8, I haven't seen it so I can't tell you!!!! But maybe....




Ms. Glaze

SAS! That's a guy!!!! Are you talking about the episode with the wine pairings? If so, then that is definitely one of my male colleagues! LOL!!!!


Then don't tell him what I think of his butt! LOL... Sure looked curvy in my monitor...Most slim guys have the "noassatall" disease.

Yes, it was the wine pairings epi.

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