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November 16, 2009


La Loutre

Its so funny, i did the same thing for my birthday? it was so good. I still have the flavor on my tongue.

Boo Radley 4000AD

Still curious: what camera do you use for the macro photography?


Hiya Chef,

I see that's a Panasonic TZ4 you're using to shoot these photos (good optics).

Another great recipe, and I can imagine playing around with spherification to make the soup into an amuse. I guess I could even glaze the sphere with ham fat just to give that hint of porky goodness.

What are you using for uncured ham? I regularly crisp slices of jamon serrano (mostly as a first step to eventually turn it into powder) but they're considerably thinner.


Hi Ms Glaze. Sounds wonderful and will try it. And trust me, not that I'm complaining, just curious because it's great, but there have been a flurry of posts lately. Are you not working any more and how do you find the time?

:) bb

Ms. Glaze

Yup, I'm using the Linux TZ4 however, the newer one is amazing. It's not an SLR camera, but it has a lot of the same features and more manual options.

As for the ham question; I bought this little uncured ham at whole foods and it was delicious. I wish I kept the wrapper! Of course jamon serrano would be even more divine.

I know I've been turning out a lot of recipes, hope it's not flooding anyone's inbox too much? But I've been cooking the lunch shift, so I have time to make something at night. And, I'm hungry when I get home so I might as well make something for me and for you ;-)

Boo Radley 4000AD

Thanks for the camera info - your photography is really good. I seek to emulate it with my Casio, unsuccessfully so far!


dear,i'm a marketing student,rencently we have a project about French food, we decided write something about Madeleine. we are all foriengers and no idear about French Food Culture, would you tell me which brand or store is the most famous Madeleine brand? thx a million.

Ms. Glaze

Hellen! I wish I could help you out on the brands of Madleine's but I'm afraid I don't know. I will be more than happy to give you a recipe and some info on the history if you would like?!?!


dear Ms Glaze,Our project is mainly aimed at markets,imagin HERMERS will establish a food line,we want to know some information about Madeleines on the French market,such as :Which brand are occupy major market share, especially in the luxury top level,
Or the current market situation on the Madeleines sales. Do you know what’s the price range. Our compotitors we have choosen Fauchon and Ladurée ,because all info is in checked on line ,so I don’t know wheather it is exact. Would you give some suggest? Thx a million.


I have to say that I was a little disappointed in this one after the grapefruit scallops and curry oil fish dishes. Luckily, it involved basically zero work.

Ms. Glaze

Derek, not to sound cocky, but I don't believe that you actually made the recipe. Either that or you don't like turnips. The flavors here are soulful and I have made it for company serveral times to rave reviews. And yes, it's simple. Isn't that wonderful?!?!?!

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Hi Ms Glaze. Sounds wonderful and will try it. Ginger soup would be wonderful in this chilly cold weather.

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certified mouthwatering. love this a lot.

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Jenna Schrock

Hmmm… I guess this recipe fits me since I can't eat solid foods for this week because I had my dental implant in Los Angeles last week. I'll include your recipe in my meal plan. I'm so lucky because I'll taste new food.

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