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November 10, 2009



ooh, that sounds good. My family did something similar with potatoes for years, but the bacon was served separately and we never did the scallion thing.

Combining it all sounds wonderful; I'm half inclined to get some turnips on the way home.

Ms. Glaze

Oh thank heavens, some one else in the world thinks that turnips are edible!!!!


Hey, having lived in Scotland for a year, I loves me some neeps. Especially with BAY-CONNNNN. LOL...


I can taste this in my head already, yum! Can anyone suggest an alternative to bacon fat for my vegetarian partner?


My God Ms. Glaze! Bacon fat! You must talking to Ruhlman. What about brussel sprouts? John


I've never tried fried turnips - sounds good!

Ms. Glaze

I think they could be fried in some olive oil too. The scallions and turnips on their own are pretty darn tasty. I just can't think of a real vegetarian sub for bacon fat. Any one else?!?!


I've always eaten my turnips straight up..
I'm a country bumpkin I guess..
Does look delish though.


A combination of 1/2 butter and 1/2 sesame oil (a couple drops of toasted, the rest plain) gives a similar unami/taste as animal (bacon) fat. Have to credit Deborah Madison for that info - forget which book. If you're vegan, however, I guess try the sesame oil combo on its own? AND - love the turnip recipes! We keep getting them in our CSA box, so these new ways are very exciting!

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