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December 31, 2009




John Sconzo

Beautiful! Best wishes on the next stage of your life. Have a glorious 2010!


"I'm going to finish my book."

Now you're talkin' (writin').

It's been quite a year. Happy New one. Now I know where I need to send that package...


I wanted to commment, but really, I drank some, I don't know, like a couple of gallons of champamge, so I am nearly blind, but feeling good about this upcoming decade! John


What a sweet adieu! Please do write your book and please do keep all of your spirit and spunk. It looks as if we, your readers, are in for a new ride! Take care. All the veryvery best.


Beautiful, Amy.



Been following your blog for a long time and am really looking forward to reading the book!



What a tribute to restaurants, food, chefs and friends. Happy New Year and all the best to you.


Looking forward to reading your book!

Joseph Bayot

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for keeping up with this blog. I love reading it, and I cannot wait to read your book! I'll be first in line when you do a book signing in the city =) I still need to try out some of those places you recommended for me! All the best in 2010! Please keep us updated.


I'll definitely be buying that book, and you'll gain a legion of new followers once it's published. Best of luck for a great new year!


Hey lady!!
I can't wait to find out what is next for you. You are a complete badass and I just try to live vicariously through you every time I read your blog. Come visit us in Atlanta if you ever get the chance!! Miss you!!!


Look forward to the book, as there have been so many chapters here, that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Not many women(or men for that matter) survive 3 star Michelin restaurants. Now go beyond surviving and thrive. You know you deserve it and you will flourish. Please take us along. Cin Cin to 2010.

Ms. Glaze

Thanks for all the support!

I've written two hundred pages thus far and I think iI's garbage! I've now re-written the intro at least 20 times. Arrgh!

The story does not include my American 3-star Michelin experience, but focuses on how I got to France and more importantly how I got a job cooking in a Parisian 3-star restaurant. And what I learned about French culture and cuisine along the way.

I hope to have some fun with this book and take readers behind the scenes into the kitchen while at the same time educating (a little) on the history of French cuisine and the background of the French Chef Brat Pack (Guy Savoy, Ducasse -the baby, Robochon-the father, Bernard L'Oiseau, Pierre Gagniere).


Whenever I visit your site, I just want to take a glimpse of what's going on in your life. But that never works out, I always get lost in your stories. Looking very much forward to your book, I know the process is a hard one, but the day you hand over the final manuscript to your editor is well worth it all. Good luck for 2010 :)


If you need a technical editor for your book, I'd love to help - all I require is one free copy.

I'd rather find the grammatical errors - like, in this post, where you said "you're shit" instead of the correct "your shit" - while pre-reading the book, rather than reading it in print. :)

Jennifer Jones


I've been following your blog since France. Your writing is exellent and your mix of introspection and experience is always a soul-satisfying indulgence for your readers. Many thanks.


hi amy, happy new year! when did you move to nyc? as you can tell i'm a little behind in keeping up with people. where were you cooking? fill me in! laura


I see you're in Paris right now.
Wanna have a book meetup when you get back?


isn't this your last chapter..?

Maria Holmes

I just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful post about Kitchen Years. I'm new to type pad and stumbled across your blog for the first time today. I scrolled down and found this story so touching. I'm a chef in Oregon and hearing from another woman chef's perspective inspires me and energizes me! I can't wait to read your book once it's published. Best of luck with the new restaurant!

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