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January 06, 2010



Wow..this sounds scrumptious!
Perhaps now
I will shed some poundage
while feasting on
healthy tasty meals! Thank you

Ms. Glaze

Yes, that's part of my New Year's resolution: more veggies, less fat, LESS WINE, more exercise. We'll see how long it lasts.... but this was a very hearty all veggie meal that didn't leave me crazing for a big hunk of cheese afterwards.


Well, except that I hate Brussels sprouts and eggplant, and don't much care for shitakes or green onions, and consider 1/4 tsp of hot sauce to be more than enough for a entire dinner, sounds pretty good! LOL... Seriously, though, I do love roasted veggies, and I'll try my faves with your condiments and see what happens. Bonne année!


it looks and sounds good to me. i would like to try and make it :)



Not a big fan of the brussels sprouts but other than that it looks good. I would also add some parsnips because they are awesome :-)

I've yet to find a vegetarian meal (excluding beans or tofu) that doesn't leave me hungry...perhaps the coconut milk will sate my hunger for protein and fat.


Less wine? I won't mention who that would make cry, but it certainly would kill my pal Karl.

I'll be road-testing this recipe because I happen to have a can of coconut milk. It already looks great as a tasty alternative to the standard sides one makes with roasts.

Ms. Glaze

What's with you brussel sprout haters?!?!? Come on people! They're really tasty!!!

Parsnip is one roast-able veggie that I would not include in this. I think it would go well with the coconut milk glaze and the hot sauce, but not the brussel sprouts. They have a very special flavor that is often hard to pair. Let me know what happens!

And yes, I suppose this could be a side dish. Ho hum.


thanks for the vege dish, will definitely try this one! Have a great trip to Paris!!! hope to see you back on the west coast soon...


I'm familiar with coconut milk veggies, and what I like to do is to put in a little lime juice at the end. It tends to perk the flavours up a bit, and it does that lime-coconut magic combination thingy.

I also noticed that brussel sprouts have a very slight wasabi flavour if you cook them slowly. One day I'm going to make wasabi ice cream and add caramelised brussel sprouts. :-)


I suggest you re-think the 'less wine' thingy...


The "wasabi" flavor mentioned for brussel sprouts is probably confusion with "mustard" flavor. The sprouts contain sinigrin, as they're members of the Brassicae family (which includes mustard).

What would be more interesting (though not necessarily palatable) is a brussel sprout ice cream with caramelized wasabi.

(sorry to hijack your comments Amy)

hungry dog

Sounds like a good idea. I've never paired brussels sprouts with shitake mushrooms, but why not? I'm sure it would be great.

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My God Ms Glaze! LESS WINE !! Thank God you did not say "no wine"! So it appears that you will consume some quantity of wine. Keep things in perspective: Christ's first miracle was to change water into fine wine at the wedding at Cana after three days of parting. His mother told him, "they have no more wine." So, Christ turned water into wine. The host was praised for saving the best wine for last because most hosts brought out the bad stuff after the guests had too much to drink. So keep this in mind. Perhaps the resolution should be MORE WINE, fewer shots!

Ms Glaze

wow! Okay forget the less wine resolution, I see you qll qre trying to take me down with you and that I have no choice but to surrender! and besides Im in Paris right now and its colder than a witches you-know-what! liquid fortification!!!!

Hijack away Wattacetti - I have a terrible internet connection right now.....


I've been living off of roasted veg this winter - organic sweets, Portobellos, carrots, sometimes Brussel sprouts. But I've been wanting to add eggplant etc.
I wonder if I could sub seseme oil and ses seed for the sirucha stuff?
Your brussels look way better than mine :)

Julie Jerome

Thanks so much for this interesting - and tasty -recipe. Sizes were a bit difficult - how big,exactly is a "baby eggplant"? Judging by what we used, I'd use two eggplants, slightly fewer brussels sprouts, and the given amounts of everything else. I couldn't find the sriracha, so used Thai red curry paste and a bit of garlic - worked fine. I like the lime juice idea too. Anyway, lovely, and we'll do it again.


This gets my vote especially because I am from the Caribbean where cooking veggies in coconut milk is quite popular.

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This recipe is KILLER! We have a lot of coconut trees around and this recipe just gave me the idea what to do to them. :)

tinea corporis

delicious recipe that a new way of eating vegetables is very tasty indeed the picture, thanks for the tip.

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Looks really appetizing to me..will give this one out a try and see if the family enjoys this. Thanks for having it here.

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you are honestly 100% inspiring me to become vegetarian right now!

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Brilliant, fun technique. In my delicious tags, and someday in a post. I'm so glad you posted this... I wondered how to do those and do I ever have a surplus of those necklaces! Awesome, thanks!


Websites like yours are making the world a little bit healthier....Looks delicious.

Nike Dunks

Simple is beautiful ah! Your blog is very simple! But very unique! Especially your articles so good it! It is all too real attention! But you do friends I admire you


This recipe it's great, I made it at home and everybody loved it specially 'cause it's very healthy for us.


I am going to serve this at Thanksgiving this year. Hope all is well with the new job.

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