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April 09, 2010


Tupper Cooks

Ha! Great story of your day- I had a flashback to my days in the kitchen- I know why I left- too much stress. But, Girl you got it goin' on, and best of luck with the new project. As for me I'll sit here and cook for my better half, enjoying your adventures. Keep us updated.


Whoa! Have I been there, and enjoyed each crazy/hectic moment! The results are always worth the pain/agony. Keep the Faith.


You had me on the edge of my seat!! So glad everything worked out... all a part of running your own ship! Thanks for the updates... keep 'em coming!


"...I can pick out my own birds and carcasses for stock."

That's just not fair. Well, the carcass part, anyway.

PS - Don't forget the little altar. Old Overholt. Unlit Cohiba. I really need the juju.



Just another day in the life of a chef and a typical restaurant kitchen, except maybe for the return of the Disney animals. Oftentimes it is just the return of breath at the end of the night and the coveted shift drink...So happy for you to be doing your own thing.I have no doubt that you will be wildly successful and the Disney animals gather round and the music fades out....


We had a real Asian supermarket open up here a few months back, not as impressive as May Wah, but I can get fresh squid, shrimp with heads on and other stuff no other grocer carries. I'm glad your new gig is working for you.


My God Ms Glaze! How much is that champagne anyways? John


Phew! That got the heart pounding!

Well done Miss G. Best of luck with the new venture.


I feel like I just burnt up a bunch of calories racing after you. If only it were possible...
Wonderful story Amy!
BRAVO et cudos


YAY. I loved this post. You are completely ready for this. All these years working and also writing and it is yours. Yours.


Hey Amy,
Glad to see your restaurant is doing awesome!

Me and my boys from A Razor, A Shiny Knife(arazorashinyknife.com) from brooklyn are coming to SF to do a dinner in August. We'd love to hang out and check out your new digs.



Well, that's a hell of a way to start your day, but it sounds like you settled down & made everyone very happy. Good for you!!!



B: Remember when there used to be actual recipes in this blog?

A: Why yes! I believe I do remember that.

B: I kinda miss 'em.


Great story, your posts make me want to be there watching you....or at least helping you with a quarter! Sounds fantastic!


Hi Amy I would like to thank you for a great meal. I went to Le Club.

Anyone that is in the S.F area you should go to Le Club. It is a small and initimate setting, the food was outstanding. Myself and my foodie friend enjoyed our dinner and we will be back.
Thanks Be well

Nike Shox

I am entirely attracted by the good stuff.Happy to sharing the great blog with you.Good luck to you


Once again...you had me riverted! Will she make it?! Will it come off?! and like a pro that you obviously are..you succeeded. Hoping to come and try it for myself one day..
Just to add Amy...We have booked Michel Rostang (17th) for our wedding in June. Michel and Bruno and the rest of the team are really looking after us..organised a wonderful menu...
The funny thing was I saw your blog about the resto in Jan. and as my french partner and I were looking for a venue for around 20 people, I suggested MR as an option. At first my suggestion was disregarded (what does an aussie know about food especially reading it from a blog!) and that was that. Then he comes home last month and announces that he's found the perfect resto..MR! Due to his temoin being friends with MR. After a few days of thought..I came back to him big time and said..HEY! it was me who told you about this resto in the first place! So thanks Amy...through your blog I managed to win that argument!

Ms. Tune

Still in Alabama (knee-deep in Tune-town) and, stealing a moment in the a.m. (before the Mama-Tune awakes and my care-giving duties begin), I decide to seize a rare moment for myself and, rather than wading through a vexing maze of bookmarks with sober titles like "drug interactions", "postprandial dipping" and "vaso-vagal syncopy", I sit with the computer in my lap and revel for a moment in all the possible ways to entertain myself. Should I check email? Read the latest headlines? Catch last night's episode of Rachel Maddow? Then I glance upward at the top of my browser and spy a deliciously inviting tab for "Ms. Glaze's Pommes d'Amour"! With one click, I'm suddenly a million miles away....relishing a rare, sweet glimpse into your world. And I'm smiling...and laughing...and happy!

Aaah, now the Mama is stirring...

love you, Ms. Glaze...
Auntie L

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I love SF especially eating in SF, but have never heard of your place. I will definitely try it out on my next trip!


I just discover your blog... and i can said that all the stories you put in here are TRUE!!! I m from Argentina, working and living in Manchester, the only women in the kitchen surrender by 6 guys... very funny though... sometimes I m the only chef during the evening shift... and i love this it s wonderful...
thank you for your blog! it was a great discover for me!!

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Too Funny!

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What a great post! I like it so much! Nice way to start the day!

Cynthia Sims

Please write and let us know how you are doing. We miss you.

Cynthia in Santa Cruz

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Thanks for the memories of The City by the Bay. Hopefully you've tried the Dim Sum around Clement. Found you on YouTube demonstrating pastries. Love your blog.

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Your blog post seems like a storyline extracted from a novel.

You had me reading very lines and wondering what is going to happen next.

Maybe you could even consider writing a book...

After reading your post, I finally realized what you meant by "Never a dull moment in the kitchen".



My very favorite post on this blog. I've returned and reread it several times.

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