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September 21, 2011



Oh My God Ms Glaze! I am going to go steal some black berries even though its 2:02am! God, its probably the best time to get away with it in an urban area. But if I get busted, will you come to my defense?
All down the line, we're going to bust another bottle, oh yeah. We need a shot of salvation baby, once in a while. Hear the whistle blowing, all down the line. John


You're making your own artisanal butter? Excellent! though my pal "Butter Boy" would likely be lecturing you on how butter is the source of all human suffering (unfortunately, that's not a joke which is why I spend a lot of time sneaking butter into his food).

That pie looks amazing and is a great exemplar of those LCB-honed chef pâtissière skills you seem to have been born with. I am unfortunately lacking in sources of wild blackberries in something like a 90+ minute driving radius, but I guess I could plant some bushes in preparation for pie in 2015. Since I suck at pâtisserie, that could give enough time to practice crustmaking before embarking on the first attempt.

I also see that the spambots are invading again.


Beautiful pie, delightful prose and yummy pictures... You inspire Missy!

Mom of Toddlers

It looks nice and recipe seems not to be too difficult.

קידום אתרים

I like this yummy recipe. I love white blackberry pie. It's really very sweet. I never stop my self when I see it.

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