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October 13, 2011


Stu Harris

I think adobada and escabeche both mean pickled, but adobada is vinegar and escabeche is brine.

Ms. Glaze

Thanks for the note Stu! Escabeche is a quick pickle of sorts using vinegar or other type of acid (lime juice). It often contains salt but is not a brine. Adobada means to marinade too but also refers to the dish itself – at least I think!


Hey chef,

The recipe looks good and I'll take it out for a spin as I apparently have a share in an oinker that's being "prepared". And I happen to have guajillos, pasillas and a Vita-Mix lying around. And a fine sieve to just strip out whatever might have been missed during prep.

I'll further confuse your discussion as I always thought that an adobado was something or another that was marinated in an adobo. An escabeche is a cooked item (poached or fried) finished in a vinegar/acid solution overnight before service.

Stu Harris

I just got to ask a genuine Mexican cook and you're right, I was wrong. She said adobado is essentially picante, and a marinade. Escabeche is pickle.

So now we know. Ain't the internet wunnerful.

hungry dog

I like the color on that sauce. 24th street is indeed a good place to pick up ideas.

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