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October 04, 2011



Well, that's one way to get some strength training in there, and freezing the mason jars takes care of the exploding tops problem from fermentation.

On the assumption that there are some apples left, are you also experimenting with making "hard" cider or cider vinegar?

Ms. Glaze

Yes, the exploding tops was a concern but it didn't happen probably because the juice was pressed and frozen immediately and not fermented.

How did you know that hard cider was in the works?!?! Not for public consumption of course, just for fun. Although I could get really excited about cidre. That would be awesome. I love that stuff. Especially with Camembert. Oh wait, farmer Kate is making Camembert, okay, I might have to get a grip on this toute suite!

My early experiments with hard cider (years ago) tasted a little more like prison juice. Vinegar would be fun too...


Right now I could use a sip of that hard cidre experimentation, but I suspect that your own experimentation (in cidre or vinegar forms) will have already taken care of it.

Prison juice… you don't really resemble Sybil Danning all that much.

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I will have to try this! sounds yummy


Hummmmy, after reading this, i so want to make some crepes !!!!!!!
In the same time, i remember doing some cider when i was a kid. Where my parents live in Britany, we produce a lot of Cider. The day we do that, it always a big fiesta !!! All the neighbour, the family come to help and at the end of the day, everyone can enjoy around a long table, the crepes which all the grandmothers did during the day (generally all the kids couldn't wait the end of the day for enjoy the crepes.... lol. Like that, we could enjoy the cider which we did the year before.
Its a lot of of good memories.
Thank you for remain me all that.

Ms. Glaze

Thanks Chef! I actually thought about you while making this because you really introduced me to cidré in Paris. And of course crepes with cidre – that will always bring back memories of Guy Savoy Friday special occasion breakfasts – hummmmy!!!

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