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October 08, 2011



My God Ms Glaze! You have come back energitically! I thought I would never eat again, or should not eat again after four days in Boston, but I read your blog and it made me so hungry I had to go get lunch. If you have extra corn and want to try some pasta, I had an incredibly delicious Corn Ravoilini with pancetta, rock shrimp,toasted corn, white wine, and butter at Anthony Cuturano's Prezza. His blog has a sketchy recipe http://prezzablog.com/category/recipes/and it is pictured on his face book. http://www.facebook.com/PrezzaRestaurant
It is Fantastic you are cooking with such fun. Illegitimi Non Carborundum !! John

Jake B.

Wow, that sounds delicious! Oh yeah, it was!!! Thanks for the joyous taste experience. -J

Ms. Glaze

John! Thanks for your note and I hope you out there kicking some major legal butt!!! I'll check out that ravioli recipe. Been trying to stay away from the carbs not very successfully. The corn here is so sweet that it's actually juicy. When I husk it the juice/milk just goes everywhere. Crazy! Miss you and hope you are well ;)

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