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November 14, 2011



Those are two amazing turkey photos Chef, especially the sheen on that jus.

We already did Thanksgiving [the good one was back in October :-) ], but I'm starting the planning one for XMas. My suggestion that a completely deboned bird rebonded with transglutaminase and cooked sous-vide in turkey fat is not being met with enthusiasm, so we may go with the rotisserie option you mentioned earlier.

Since you might be looking at the other white meat for T-Day, may I suggest porchetta?

Ms. Glaze

Ah yes, porchetta, the "other" white meat :-)

Who wouldn't want a turkey cooked sous-vide?!? Sounds delicious. I've never tried that. I'm assuming you're not only deboning but parting it as well? Be careful with transglutaminase. It's kinda rough on the lungs. Someday when I write a kitchen murder mystery there will for sure be a chapter with the stuff.

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