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January 26, 2012



It was very nice of Guy Savoy to give you that truffle dish garnished with sweetbreads.

Me, I love sweetbreads. Most everyone else I know, they scream. The recipe sounds great and I wish I had this rather than lettuce wraps.

Is that mizuna you used as garnish?

Ms. Glaze

That little present also consisted of six other dishes each paired with wine – good wine. I came back in to start dinner service and my boss made me clean the meat station top to bottom to "work off" the extra calories. As if cooking two services a day and two family meals a day isn't enough! Oh, those were fun times...

Yes, I would take them over lettuce wraps. Not quite in the same league lol. And that's mizuna from my garden...

Ms. Glaze

and Maldon Salt...


Wow - I can get mizuna perhaps 3-4 times during the entire summer (there's only one grower) but I'm going to see about setting up a pot and grow some myself. I have to get some Maldon salt (I'm out).

I guess the sous-chef didn't like that you got the light snack with wine pairings (were his eyes green?). But it does sound like it was a great tasting session to say the least.

I've seen the GS wine list. Is there even anything that might even be considered "average" on it?


Me Glaze! I will have to try your"totally life changing experience" at Guy Savoy. John


Yum, this all sounds so tasty, (even now at the breakfast hour.) Thymus glands, huh?! Okay... after reading this, I'm game! Sounds delicious.

Go Missy, once again!


I'm in! Well, I wish, anyway. I honestly don't know if I've eaten sweetbreads before. If I did it was when we lived on the ranch and butchered our own steer and whether (castrated lamb) every year. We would swap some of our cache of frozen proteins with an uncle who raised pigs. We were very much against waste in my family, and I know we ate all sorts of other offal, so chances are I've eaten it and just didn't exactly know what it was.


Hi Amy:

As someone who's been loving your blog since your Blue Ribbon days in Paris, I'm a bit confused: Where are you based right now?

Are you back in Paris with Guy Savoy? Or in Vegas with Guy Savoy?

Please orient your long-time readers! Thanks!

Ms. Glaze

Hi Wetsteint! I'm sorry for the confusion, I often bounce back to old memories without clue-ing in the reader. I'm in San Francisco now working on a Farm just outside the city as resident Chef. I made a few stops after Paris. One in New York cooking for a few years at Le Bernardin and then a second in SF.

Pescadero, where I am now, is a community that I'm deeply attached to and have been all my life. It's a unique coastal community with lots of homestead farms (produce and meat) and a few cheese makers. Sort of heaven on earth – at least to me!

CaliChef! – So good to hear from you! And I am sure you have eaten sweetbreads! Especially given your background. My Dad used to make them for me as a kid and I didn't realize it until recently what they were. They were popular once and now they seem to frighten people away. Considering the ranch life, I think you must have come across them. My Dad (who grew up on a farm in Ohio) liked liver and tongue and all those things and they were more readily available in markets too. Now they are sort of an oddity?!?


Hi! I made this for dinner two days ago. It was very nice. I'm not going to press overnight the sweetbreads anymore.
And your cooking technique did the trick for me. Gotta use that f@ckin' butter, I'm cooking like an housewife (which I am :-))))) I graduated from the FCI but my carrier as a chef has been kind of short.
I really admire the women with the guts to stay in the kitchen.

Francesca from the Cote d'Azur

dinner service

Yum, this all sounds so tasty,i am hungry ,but it is not time for lunch.crazy!

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There are apparently a lot for me to learn outside of my books. Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

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Thanks Jeremy! So are you!!! How was your experience?!?! I wish I had known you were going I would have told the maitre D!!! What did you eat?!?!?

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