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January 31, 2012



My Go Ms GLaze! These look fantastic! When are you opening your restaurant! John

Ms. Glaze

Thanks John! Just cookin' on the farm right now... although we might be... well, I better not jinx it....we gotta few things up our sleeves let's just say that....Hope you're well and not too cold and staying warm with a nice cold bottle of champagne?


Fabulous idea! I love your tip about scraping out the gills of hedgehogs. I often struggle with washing them (if the dirt gets stuck in those gills, getting it out is really tough). Somehow it never occurred to me to scrape the gills out. Do you do that for chanterelles too? Any tips on cleaning them?

Ms. Glaze

Helen! I do have cleaning tips! And unfortunately there's no real short cut which is sort of a bummer. Cleaning hedgehog gills can be time consuming.

The way I was taught to clean chanterelles is to use a pairing knife and gently scrape down the stems to clean off any dirt or residue and then cut off the tip of the stem. If the caps are dirty I brush them off with a kitchen towel or gently with the blade of a pairing knife. I don't normally scrape the gills like hedgehogs unless they need it.

If the chanterelles are dirt ridden or sandy and scraping isn't getting the job done, fill a large pot with cold water and quickly dunk them and swoosh them around then scoop them out. Chanterelles will absorb a lot of water and get mushy fast so I don't let them soak. I always taste one, to make sure there's no crunchy bits of sand or fertilizer leftover.

With big cleaned chanterelles, I like to pull them apart into smaller pieces so that they cook evenly. Also, I sear them with a little olive oil on high heat. They hold a lot of liquid and will quickly absorb it this way, instead of boiling away in their own juices and getting mushy.

Button mushrooms however can be cleaned more thoroughly in cold water. They will still absorb it, but not as fast.

Ms. Glaze

Helen! One more thing...... LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

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It looks delicious, and tempts me to try too. One thing I am reluctant to make again is a basic chocolate cake - my son made one this morning, the rest of the family arrived to eat it at tea-time, and it is THE most scrumptious chocolate cake I have ever tasted. By the way, thanks for the tea rooms reviews - very helpful for forays into town :-)
Ooohhh ....synchronicity: just returned from Vienna and this morning I dug out my kugelhopf tin!

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Plus I always had a homeroom and all the paperwork that entails.

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