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February 12, 2012



What a wonderful post. I would never think to forage for Nettles. They have great vitamin content. That pizza is stunning.


Oooh! I love nettles but have always been a little scared to cook with them (knowing me, I would do something stupid like somehow get nettles in my eyes!).

However, after reading this post and seeing how beautifully green puréed nettles can be, I feel like it's time to conquer that fear!

Ms. Glaze

Daisy – That's interesting you say that because when I was de-steming them my eyes did get a little irritated just from being in close proximity. But I do love nettles and the sting doesn't last forever!

Connie – They do have great vitamin content. Some say they are a super food like kale.


I've never eaten nettles. They weren't in fashion quite yet when I was in culinary school. I know that they grow around here because my mother got stung by some when she was fishing several years ago. However, after your breakdown of the acids in them, I probably won't be eating them. I'm one of those people for whom oxalic acid causes that nasty sandpaper teeth thing. I wasn't in that category until after my 40th birthday when my whole body fell apart. I only discovered it when I was eating some baby red chard that had just come up in my garden. Oh, well. There are plenty of other greens in the field, and I shall eat them! (Unless they turn my teeth to sandpaper!)

Ms. Glaze

CaliChef! I didn't know that oxalic acid did that! Thanks for the warning. I've never experienced that myself, but it's a good thing to be aware of in the restaurant world. Thank you!


Can't wait to try the pizza! We have a huge stand of nettles in our backyard, but so far I've just made tea. Which is lovely, by the way--grassy, like a green tea, and fixes whatever ails you!

Ms. Glaze

Kelly – I've heard lots of good things about nettle tea. And I've also heard that its good in homemade shampoos and soaps! Looks like this little plant is a one-stop cure all

Anne Jackson

I love nettle tea. And kale - especially in soups!

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The local lobsters aren't quite available yet, but this will get a go once they are. Will also give time to practice making some pasta. Spring is sprung.

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