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February 17, 2012



What a story!!!! So glad you are safe and will be much sounder on your next run. This story needs to published somewhere.


Wow. That must have been a really scary experience. I would have started panicking, but I guess you really can't and have to just focus on getting somewhere safe!

Definitely a Valentine's Day to never forget! And I do have to say that I am very impressed that after all that you still made BLT's!


I thought you were going to have Recipes From The Donner Party.

Ms. Glaze

You know, the Donner party actually crossed my mind a few times that night – no joke!


Hey there Ms. Glaze,

What will I do without your fabulous posts if you get eaten by a mountain lion!? No more running around without a map! Just kidding. What a relief that you are both alive and well.



We haven't met, so you can't die yet! Please run more safely. Not that I probably need to ask that of you. You need to make a change in your runner's fanny pack, though. Swap out the strike anywhere matches for waterproof matches!

P.S. I can't hardly believe you're eating tomatoes (of all things) out of season! I mean, they just don't taste like tomatoes if they don't get that hot weather to sweeten them up. I know, I've gone on too long about them, but, well, they are my favorite food on earth! But only if they're ripe, home-grown, smell like the vines still and were warmed by the sun.

Ms. Glaze

CalifChef! I love you for picking up on that. Truth be told the B.L.T's were really B.L.'s but it doesn't quite have the same juicy sound bite. We do have a lot of tomato jam in the pantry but it's not the same. Our tomatoes last year were bushy and beautiful and then they all got tomato blight along with just about every other farm around here. So our crop was short lived. Really a bummer. Early Girl's do well here and so do Molina's (my fav). Don't you love the smell of tomato vines? Love walking through the rows just to get that...

Helen! Thanks for your note! I'm back to running on the road. I'm not sure which is safer...

Air Jordan Flight Team

Thanks Jeremy! So are you!!! How was your experience?!?! I wish I had known you were going I would have told the maitre D!!! What did you eat?!?!?

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