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March 22, 2012



That looks like a slam dunk dish. Makes me regret not being able to eat shellfish anymore. Of course there are lots of other delicious things to eat and stuffed pasta is a conveniently versatile dish. : D

I've been enjoying your blog for some time, thanks for putting it out there!

By the way, "Spring has finally started to sprung" makes sense but doesn't make tense. ; j


Winning dish, Chef!

The local lobsters aren't quite available yet, but this will get a go once they are. Will also give time to practice making some pasta. Spring is sprung.


I'd have a baby just to get you to make this for me!

Chef Tse

That looks lovely Amy! And yes you should do a video on lobster butchery. But take my advice, don't call it your friend and give it a kiss before you send it on its merry way. I did and now no one wants to be my friend as you'll see in the comments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtcWICVvoyk.

We still need to make some videos together! I still remember making the sausage one. What fun!


Ms Glaze, I was just in Boston eating lobster and oysters at the Neptune, but your lobster raviolis--- they look Super Fantastic! John

Ellen Brandin

Your lobster ravioli looks delicious! I will try it someday when I have time to devote to it. What size ravioli cutter did you use?
What type of work are you doing now? You might have talked about it in an earlier post, but I missed it. I enjoyed reading your blog when you were in Paris and at Le Bernardin, and I am just plain curious as to what you are doing now. I love the passion that you show in your life. It's very inspiring.


OMG! I can't wait to try this one for myself.
I absolutely LOVE lobster ravioli.


Ms. Glaze

Ellen! I want to answer that question and I will soon! I'm a little crazy right now at Pie ranch cooking for 60 people lunch/dinner every day. Love, love, love this place and will give all the details soon....

I didn't use a ravioli cutter per se, I actually had a small fluted biscuit cutter that's about 2 1/2-inches in diameter. But I think anything circular and sharp-ish could be used. The fluted look is pretty and often seen on agnolotti, but it's not necessary...

Thank you for your note! Good to hear from you!

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